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How to Install Supra Box Kodi Addon in Less Than 37 Secs

Supra Box Kodi addon is one of the best Kodi addons that fits the expression, ‘all under one roof’ perfectly. It has the best quality streams like HD and 4K. The variety of sections and content is amazing and so is its performance. Take a walk through our guide and see how to install Supra Box Kodi addon.

Warning! If you stream your favorite TV Show or Movie on Supra Box without connecting a VPN, then beware! You are compromising your privacy and security. This is where a Kodi VPN protects your identity keeps you safe from copyright infringement notices and DMCAs while unblocking geo-restricted content.



Supra Box Kodi Repository

Supra Box Kodi repo is available through Kodil (Kodi Israel) repository. This repository is one of the most reliable and dependable repository. It has almost all the popular add-ons up to date.


How to Install Supra Box Kodi on Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower

  1. Open Kodi > Click the Settings icon > Open File to install supra box kodi addon
  2. Double click Add Source > Click on ‘None’ > Type this URL > Click OK > Give Media Source Name ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click to install supra box kodi on krypton version 17.6 or lower
  3. Go back to Kodi Main Menu > Click Addons > Click on Box-shaped icon.supra box kodi
  4. Click Install from Zip File > Open Kodil Repo > Click on > Now wait for the repository-installed notification.supra box kodi addon
  5. Click Install from Repository > Open Kodil Repository > Click Video Addons > Select Supra Box > Click on Install > Wait for the to install supra box kodi on jarvis version 16 or higher
  6. To access the add-on, Go to Kodi Main Menu > Click on Addons > Video Addons > Supra Box > Enjoy!


How to Install Supra Box Kodi on Jarvis Version 16 or Higher

  1. Open Kodi > Go to System > Open File Manager > Double click Add Source > Select None > Type this URL > Click on Done > Type Name ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click on Done > Click OK.
  2. Go to Kodi Home Screen > System > Addons > Install from Zip File.
  3. Navigate and Click ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click
  4. Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Video Addons > Supra Box > Install > Wait for the add-on to install.


Supra Box Kodi Download

  1. Download the Zip file
  2. Go to Kodi Main Menu > Click Addons > Click on Box-shaped icon.
  3. Click Install from Zip File > Open Kodil Repo > Click on > Now wait for the repository to install.
  4. Now click Install from Repository > Click on Kodil Repository > Open Video Addons > Click Supra Box > Click on Install > Wait for the add-on enabled notification.


Supra Box Kodi Not Working/Errors/Issues

Supra Box Kodi error occurrence is very rare. That is why Supra Box Kodi 17 is one of the best addon. If you go through Supra Box Kodi review links, you will get to know that there are few complaints regarding it.

In addition, the complaints that are present are regarding Supra Box Kodi 17.4. However, Supra Box Kodi not working issues are not yet reported.


Supra Box Kodi Failed to Install Dependency

This error has been a serious issue with third party add-ons, reason being that these add-ons install some files in the background during installation. If those files aren’t installed correctly then this error appears.



Download the updated version of the repository to download and make sure the source you are using is reliable enough. Many a times, a repository keeps migrating from one source to another and this causes an issue.


Supra Box “Check Log Error”

This error is encountered using almost all of the streaming add-ons after a few days or weeks. The reason behind it is either the piling up of cache or issue with some Kodi back-end data.



You can try three things to fix this error.

  1. Delete and fresh install Kodi again
  2. Clear Kodi cache
  3. Try using a VPN for Kodi.


Supra Box Kodi Reviews

If you want to know about any add-on, head over to Reddit and you will get to know about the user reviews. Look at this Reddit user answering Supra Box Kodi add-on when asked about the best video add-on:


Comment from discussion Best video addon?.

Same is the case for twitter, users keep either praising or criticizing. You can easily judge from their reviews. Here’s a tweet praising Supra Box Kodi:



Supra Box Kodi Alternatives

  1. Universe
  2. Skynet
  3. Oculus
  4. Supremacy


The Wrap Up

Supra Box Kodi is an excellent add-on having a variety of sections and content. You can stream movies, sports and your favorite TV Shows. In addition, the streams it provides are good in terms of quality and performance. Overall, it is a complete package.

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