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KodiAddonz believes in providing a neutral and worthy information to the users. Reason being is to provide value to the customers and to save their precious time and maintain a credible persona. strives to deliver valuable insights, guidance, and help to the Kodi users. We do not encourage any illegal digital activity such as piracy. Our utmost intention is to provide Kodi users all the possible solutions we can, related to Kodi.

We maintain a good community value and bring forth material for audience based on extensive research. Any add-on, plug-in or any such thing mentioned about on this site is in no way associated or affiliated with us.

We respect the feedback provided to us by the users and we are always available to help them in any manner possible and to provide them with any solution they require. Users are always welcomed to place their queries, as it even helps us to gauge the barriers present in the market for users.

We have an experienced team of authors who are highly skilled and professional in providing the best content to the users. We know that every visitor seeks knowledge and therefore we make sure that no user returns unsatisfied.

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